About the Author

Happy camper.

“Ingram has a keen ear for dialogue and believable characters…”

Dayna Ingram is a trans+queer genre fiction writer from Ohio. He earned his BA in Creative Writing from Antioch College, and his MFA from San Francisco State University. In addition to his latest release (30 TO 50 FERAL HOGS), Dayna is the author of EAT YOUR HEART OUT and ALL GOOD CHILDREN, both of which received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly. The latter was also chosen by both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews Indie as one of the best Science Fiction titles of 2016, and was a finalist for the 2017 Lambda Literary Awards. He lives in the country with his family and their ungodly amount of pets. THE GOLDEN DAUGHTER, Book One of his epic fantasy trilogy, EMPIRE OF FLESH AND GOLD, is out now from Lethe Press. Book Two, THE DROWNING TIDE, releases in THE FUTURE.

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